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Couples Therapy

You wonder how it is possible to be in a relationship with someone and to feel so alone.  

You feel like your walking on eggshells, trying to not upset your partner or to say something that might lead to one more fight

There are so many things you want to say to your partner but you just can’t seem to find the words.

You’re exhausted.  You know that relationships take work but all your relationship feels like is work.

You sometimes wonder if you’d be happier alone, if your partner would be better off with someone else.  

There was a time when your relationship felt easy, when you didn’t have to work to find a conversation topic.  A time when the two of you naturally laughed, enjoyed each other, and were excited to learn everything you could about each other

How lucky the two of you felt to have found each other.

It is possible to feel that way in your relationship again, to feel that passion and excitement that the two of you once shared.

Weekly or Bi-Weekly Couples Therapy Sessions: Sessions are about 80 minutes in length. We will meet weekly or bi-weekly depending on your goals and relationship needs. All sessions will be conducted online and you and your partner do not need to be in the same place during the time of the session.

The first session is a time when you, your partner, and I come together to discuss the issues that are bringing you into couples therapy. During this time I will ask you and your partner to share the story of your relationship, what is bringing you into therapy, and what you hope to accomplish in therapy. After the 1st session I set you and your partner an invite to complete the Gottman Relationship Check Up. This is an online assessment which helps to identify areas of need in your relationship.

The 2nd session is actually 2 separate 45 minute sessions done individually with you and then with your partner. These individual sessions are a time for you and your partner to speak more candidly about your needs in the relationship and your hopes for couples therapy.

Session 3 is when you, your partner and I come back together and discuss goals for therapy. Using the information gathered in the first session, the 2 individual sessions and from the online assessment, we will map out a plan to help you and your partner get back on track in your relationship.

In Person Couples Intensive: Couples intensives are held in California (Bay Area & Sacramento) and Missouri (St. Louis City & County). For 6 hours, you and your partner will receive my undivided attention and support as the two of you learn and practice new skills that will help you and your partner to connect, communicate, and reignite your relationship.

Before we meet for our intensive you and your partner will each have the opportunity to schedule an individual, 45 minute session with me to discuss relationship struggles and needs. The individual sessions take place online. After meeting with you and your partner for your individual sessions and before we meet for your 6 hour intensive, you and your partner will be sent an invite to complete the Gottman Relationship Check Up (the online relationship assessment).

With the information gathered from your individual sessions and the online relationship assessment I will start planning for our time together.

On the day of the intensive the 3 of us will meet at a location within 30 minutes of your home. The location may be an office, conference room, hotel suite. We meet for a total of 6 hours with a 90 minute lunch break on your own. Depending on your relationship needs we may work on building communication skills, helping you and your partner to reconnect and build friendship, work through a perpetual problem, build long term relationship goals and meanings (where the two of you are moving together as a couple). You and your partner will leave with a skills book, with helpful handouts and notes from your session.

After our day together you and your partner are invited to schedule a 90 minute follow up couples session or two 45 individual sessions to help you work through any barriers or issues that may have come up for you and/or your partner as the two of you work to implement the skills learned during our intensive day together.

Total Investment For Your Intensive Day: $2200

Booking and Cancellation Policy For Couples Intensive: Couples intensives are booked at least 30 days in advance of the 6 hour day together. Full payment is due at the time of booking. Payment plans are available: please contact me for payment plan information. If cancelled within 14 days of the intensive, 50% ($1100) is due.

Trained in Gottman Couples Therapy, I help couples find their way back to each other by focusing on rebuilding friendship, growing fondness and admiration for each other, and developing communication skills. Your relationship is worth the investment, call today for a free 20 minute phone consultation and find out how couples therapy may be able to help your relationship.

Call (619) 383-1900 or click the button below to schedule your appointment today.

Online therapy is not recommended for people who are struggling with recent thoughts of suicide. If you are struggling with thoughts of suicide there is hope and there is help: National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 or call the Crisis Support Services of Alameda County at 1-800-309-2131 or text the word HOME to 741741 to access crisis support via text from the Crisis Text Line.