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Relationship Therapy for Individuals

“Staying vulnerable is a risk we have to take if we want to experience connection.” - Brene Brown

Relationships play a huge role in our lives. When we are in relationship with others, whether it be friendship or romantic, we place ourselves in a vulnerable place. When the relationship is going well, we feel loved, accepted, seen and appreciated. When the relationship is not going well, that relationship strain has the ability to impact our mood, sending us into depression and anxiety.

Individual Therapy Can Help You To:

  • Identify relationship patterns and how those relationship patterns are impacting your current relationship.

  • Change problematic relationship patterns and as a result improve relationship satisfaction.

  • Heal attachment wounds so that they don’t impact current and future relationships.

  • Learn communication skills to get your needs met in your relationships.

  • Understand conflict triggers and learn communication skills to help you navigate through conflict.

  • Decrease anxiety and depression.

  • Improve relationships with family, friends, and partners.

  • Feel happier in your relationship.

  • Feel more confident.

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