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Therapy for Depression

You just want to feel better. You can’t remember the last time you felt like yourself.

You find yourself going through the motions, faking it through your day. On the inside you feel empty, hopeless.

All the advice that you are getting, “go out with friends”, “start doing the things you used to love to do”  feels so meaningless.  You wonder if you can even remember what you used to like to do. You wonder “why try?” and fear putting yourself out there again only to be left feeling disappointed and more hopeless.

Depression can happen for many reasons.  Sometimes it’s a loss that we struggle to move beyond.  Sometimes a big life change such as a move, divorce, or change in job impacts our lives so greatly that we struggle to manage the natural and normal feelings that come with change.  Sometimes chronic stress and anxiety can morph into depression, leaving us feeling agitated, anxious, sad, and frustrated with life.

I know how frustrating it can be when you are in the middle of depression to sit with a therapist who just nods their head quietly as your ramble on hoping that you’ll say the magic combination of words that will just help you feel better. I’m not that therapist. My style is active and engaging, I help my client’s get to the root of what is going on, help them to understand and gain insight into their feelings, actions, behaviors and relationship patterns. Each person comes to therapy with a different need, together you and I will work to create a plan to help move you out of depression and to start helping you live your life with more meaning and joy.

Therapy Can Help You To:

  • Start feeling hopeful about your future

  • Experience more joy and fulfillment

  • Understand your feelings and why they are impacting you

  • Identify blocks to working through difficult emotions

  • Understand life and relationship patterns

  • Manage your stress as you navigate through this life change

  • Manage your anger

  • Feel less anxious

  • Feel happier in your personal relationships and in life

  • Feel more confident

  • Feel more calm and present

  • Learn how to balance caring for yourself with caring for your family

  • Gain more peace and freedom

Our work together starts during the initial consultation call. This call is a chance for me to learn about what is going on, why you are looking into therapy at this time in your life. After I learn a little bit more about why you are looking into therapy, I share with you my initial impressions and how I think I might be able to help. We end the call with a chance for you to ask questions and to decide if I am the right therapist for you.

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Online therapy is not recommended for people who are struggling with recent thoughts of suicide. If you are struggling with thoughts of suicide there is hope and there is help: National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 or call the Crisis Support Services of Alameda County at 1-800-309-2131 or text the word HOME to 741741 to access crisis support via text from the Crisis Text Line.