3 Signs you might be an anxious mom

As moms we are prone to worrying about our babies, that’s part of the job.  Are they doing well in school? Are they happy? Do they have friends? Are they being safe when the go out?  Worrying about your child is normal but there is a point where the worrying can become too much.

So how do you know when you’ve crossed the line from normal, everyday mom worry to being an anxious mom?  Here are 3 signs that you might be a mom who has anxiety.

  1. You worry an abnormal amount about your own death and who will take care of your children if/when you die.  Granted we can’t control what happens to us and if we are going to die but if you find yourself overly fixated on it, convinced that at some point you are going to orphan your children, this might be a sign of anxiety.

  2. You won’t let anyone, not even your partner, help with the kids.  This can be anything from helping to make the school lunches, picking the kids up after school, buying the new soccer cleats, teaching them to drive.  Letting someone else helps means that you won’t get to oversee it and make sure whatever it is, isn’t done properly. If things are not done “right” then the question comes up for you “What does this mean for my child?”, “Am I a bad parent?”, “Are people going to think I’m a bad mom?”  

  3. Saying goodbye is more distressing for you then it is for your child.  No matter what age they are, you worry when they leave the house or when you drop them off at school.  You struggle with scary thoughts or images about their safety and you call the cell phone or text them frequently to check in on them.

If any of this sounds familiar, you may be an anxious mom.  

To find out more about therapy and to learn more about how therapy may help you with anxiety, check my therapy page for moms or my FAQ page.

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