5 Great Things That Happen When You Start Working On Your Anxiety

how to silence those anxious thoughts and worry at bedtime are a big part of what you work on in therapy when you seek help for anxiety.  Many client’s report that once they start sleeping better they experience less anxiety. Client’s report feeling rested, better able to handle stress, better able to meet the demands of their job, improved relationships with their partner and co-workers, and they attribute a lot of those positive changes to sleeping better and learning how to manage their anxious thoughts at night time.

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Exciting Updates

I'm sorry I have been a little bad about being consistent with my blogging lately.  Next week I will return to posting regularly on Wednesday mornings.  In the meantime I have been contributing to online blogs, you probably read the one from last week that I posted "Tips for Talking to Your Therapist" and this week I have another great one for you to read.  This article is all about being vulnerable in your relationship, such a hard thing to do!  It's from the Bustle website and features tips from many different therapist's and some comments from yours truly.  Here is a link to the article if you are interested What To Do If You're Having a Hard Time Being Vulnerable In a Relationship also on Bustle 13 Small Changes You Can Make this Weekend to Reduce Your Anxiety.

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Morning Routines

Last time we talked about building self care into your nightly routine.  How’d it go for you?  Were you able to add one act of self care into your evening?  In the comments section below let us know how it went.  

This week I thought we’d focus on morning routines.  Morning routines can look a little less sexy than evening routines.  Having kids often means we wake up and are in go mode until the kids get to school.  Finding shoes, finishing homework, making sure everyone has their lunch, ate breakfast, and is clear on who goes to what activity after school can be a bit of a juggling act.  

So what can you do to make mornings a little less daunting?   

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