5 Affirmations for When You Feel Like a Bad Mom

Any woman who has ever been a mom knows intimately that deep guilt that creeps in every once in awhile.  Mom guilt, that sneaky asshole can hit at any time for any reason. When at work we can be overcome with guilt for not being at home, when at home we feel guilt for thinking about work, when we are with our partners we feel selfish for being away from the kids.  A lot of times the things we feel most guilty for are the things we most need, the things that make us whole, functioning, normal, human beings. But even though we can logically talk ourselves through our guilt, it doesn’t always help. Below are 5 affirmations for you use when you feel like a bad mom.  The reason to use affirmations is that it is one way to support building stronger, healthy neural connections that help fight off that awful feeling of mom guilt. Take a look at the following affirmations and see if any stand out to you.

  1. I am a fierce, bad ass, motherfucking mom.  No one cares for my kids the way I care for my kids.

  2. I am allowed to go out with my (friends, partner, to book club, etc).  It makes me a happy and better mom.

  3. A good enough mom is pretty damn good.

  4. I love my kids and they love their mom.

  5. I am the perfect mom for my child.

Pick one affirmation that speaks to you.  Say it to yourself when you are feeling anxious, say it when you are feeling stressed, say it to yourself when you are feeling calm, in control and like the perfect mom.  Using affirmations can help us to rewire our brain, build stronger neural connections that help to fight off uncomfortable feelings like mom guilt, and to focus on thoughts and feelings that improve our moods and feelings.

If you struggle with mom guilt and would like more support, contact Gwendolyn Nelson-Terry, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in San Diego, California at (619) 383-1900.